Oracle - DB timezone problem ( parse date string )

I’m using MetaBase 0.26.2 (jar) on Linux Ubuntu and just connected to Oracle.

I see this in the LOG screen

java.lang.Exception: Unable to parse date string ‘2017-11-18 10:48:00.528 BRST’ for database engine ‘oracle’

Locale settings is Brazilian Portuguese ( pt_BR )

Can someone point what I’m doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot,

Ricardo Jorge

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Hi There, I’m still trying to connect to an Oracle DB and even changing the timezone from command line with (-Duser.timezone=GMT-03:00) or (-Duser.timezone=UTC-03:00) I can not connect.

The message I’m receiving now is

11-23 16:53:32 INFO sync.util :: STARTING: Sync metadata for oracle Database 2 ‘ORA-Test01’
Message: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!
SQLState: null
Error Code: 0
11-23 16:56:06 ERROR generic-sql.query-processor :: nil
11-23 16:56:06 WARN sync-metadata.sync-timezone :: Error syncing database timezone

Any help?

Thank you, Ricardo

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