Oracle Driver not recognized

Hi there!

I'm running Metabase in Docker and I want to use Oracle JDBC driver. I've mounted plugin directory into docker container

/ # cd app/
/app # ls
certs            metabase.jar     plugins
/app # cd plugins/
/app/plugins # ls

but have this error:

30 12:01:03,334 INFO plugins.dependencies :: Metabase cannot initialize plugin Metabase Oracle Driver due to required dependencies. Metabase requires the Oracle JDBC driver in order to connect to Oracle databases, but we can't ship it as part of Metabase due to licensing restrictions. See for more details.

How to solve this problem?

Hi @Palamariuk

If you write ls -ls then you would see permissions.

I don't think I understand how you how mounted plugin into the container. Try including which Docker container parameters you're using. And are you using the environment variable MB_PLUGINS_DIR?
The plugins directory should have all the other drivers, so something tells me that you're doing something incorrect.