"Out of stack space" in IE

Has anyone gotten this error?

Hey, I got the same issues with IE. With other internet supports there’s no error.

Confirmed with IE11 on Windows 10. Doesn’t happen with Edge, Chrome or Firefox.

Has anyone found a workaround with this? Trying to use Metabase with Xibo, but Xibo only uses IE so it’s a little frustrating…

Can you share more info? Eg, OS version, Metabase version, etc? How much memory is the process taking and are you running under low memory conditions?

We need to reproduce this before offering any help.

I have the same issue with Internet Explorer.
Chrome works fine and that is our work around for now.
Metabase is being invoked with:
java -jar -Xss1024m -Xmx2048m metabase.jar
and is running on a Windows 2012 R2 server.
Let me know if you need a web meeting to look at the system…
Don Brown

I’ve also hit this error. Is there a place to log bugs for these? Seems to be happening on all new IE versions. For me, Pulse setup works best on IE (Chrome seems to give me errors) while Dashboard words only on Chrome.

Here is the stack trace I captured on IE

Error: Out of stack space
      [functions]: ,
      __proto__: {
         [functions]: ,
         __proto__: {
            [functions]: ,
            __proto__: null
         message: "",
         name: "Error",
         Symbol(react.element)_m.lsu9shsezqw: undefined
      description: "Out of stack space",
      message: "Out of stack space",
      name: "Error",
      number: -2146828260,
      stack: "Error: Out of stack space
   at d.setValueForStyles (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:16:22612)
   at h.Mixin._updateDOMProperties (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:16:20810)
   at h.Mixin.updateComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:16:19527)
   at h.Mixin.receiveComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:16:19130)
   at receiveComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:2:15781)
   at E._updateRenderedComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:17:18398)
   at E._performComponentUpdate (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:17:18152)
   at E.updateComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:17:17430)
   at E.receiveComponent (http://marine-service:3000/app/dist/app.bundle.js?6fb080b1d968903b260f:17:16541)
      Symbol(react.element)_m.lsu9shsezqw: undefined