Pass dashboard text parameter to Native SQL query variable

I have a use case where I would like to search text with multiple keywords. The current functionality of field filters does not support this. I was hoping I could simply pass a text parameter from the dashboard to a Native SQL variable but cannot find the option. All options appear limited to only field filters. It looks like a previous version had this support but is now gone: Metabase tutorial: SQL variables and filter widgets - YouTube

To be concrete, I would like to simply get a text variable from the dashboard into a Native SQL query, without metabase trying to write any conditions for me. e.g.

SELECT * FROM table WHERE SEARCH(text, {{search}});

Is there any workaround for this?

You can define that variable as a simple variable and not a field filter, can you check that in the question?

I can define that as a simple variable for sure. Problem is, when I do that, I cannot see a way of linking that simple variable to a dashboard. There is no "simple variable" option when attempting to add & link filters from a dashboard, only field filters are available.