Pass filter between dashboards

Hi All,
I am using 32.10 version.

I have 4 dashboards in one collection and all of these dashboards have one filter each. Is it possible to carry forward filter from one dashboard to another, in other words is it possible to have common filter at collection level which will then be used for all dashboards?

Hi @NaveenHadagali
Currently not (as of 0.33.2), as something out-of-the-box. But if you’re using a simple filter (not Field Filter), then you can make a SQL query, which appends the filter and returns rows with links to the other dashboards, and the insert that question as a table on each dashboard.
I remember seeing a request for something like this, but I cannot find it.
Try doing a search on otherwise create a new feature request on

Hi @Flamber could you please elaborate more on the solution , i am using Simple filter as provided in Dashboard. How can we append sql etc …

Then you create a new question, which you’ll then add to the dashboard and connect to the filter, and it’ll show a table with links.
I don’t know which database you’re using, so you might have to adjust a bit for fit your setup:

SELECT CONCAT('', {{filter}}) AS link
SELECT CONCAT('', {{filter}}) AS link
SELECT CONCAT('', {{filter}}) AS link

Then it can look like this (see the filter and the “Reference dashboard table”):

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Great suggestion , thanks a lot. Will have a look at it.

It works like a charm , however it shows the link of dashboard, is it possible to mask the link with name of dashboard and clicking on it takes to that dashboard.

Great, but no, it doesn’t know which dashboard you’re showing the question on. A way to get around that would be to create a question for each dashboard, that doesn’t include a link to the dashboard it’s going to be on.

Create question with link in each dashboard, again it will be showing as link in each dashboard correct? … can you please explain further

Just use a the list with links to all the dashboards - it’s easier to maintain.
Otherwise you need to create multiple questions, where each question has all the links minus one.

I prefer this approach , only concern is it will be showing as full URL for that dashboard. Just wondering if we can say link 1=dashboard1 link 2 =dashboiad 2 etc.

@NaveenHadagali I don’t understand what you mean. Play around with it yourself. It’s a hack, so it’s not perfect, but it works.

@flamber - Thanks for your help