Pass user selected filter values to second dashboard

Good day,

I have a dashboard called "Sales Reports." I also have on this dashboard various filters to allow the user to select the fiscal year shown, marketing color, and so on. I then have a URL link to a second dashboard that looks at sales campaigns. I would like to have the filter selections from the first dashboard carry into the second automatically so the user wouldn't have to select them twice.

I see generally how it can be done with having the same filter name in both dashboards, but it seems that in constructing the URL, it would want to have literal values for the filters embedded into the URL address string. Since I don't know what the user is going to select in advance, it would seem I would have to embed wildcards that would automatically pick up and carry the values from the first dashboard? This would be akin to how the values are passed to a question off a dashboard.

Is such a thing doable, or should I simply move my second dashboard questions to the first dashboard, grouping them below what is already on the first dashboard?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tested with the click behavior feature?

Thanks for your reply. I added a picture which I thought a user could click on to get to a click behavior option, but there is no choice for adding click behavior this way. Only edit, control visualization options or remove from dashboard are available. I have used it when wanting to go off a question by clicking an element in a resulting graphical result display, a pie chart section, for example. So it looks like the most expedient method is to just extend the one dashboard down with all the questions that would have been on the subsequent dashboard.