Passing a default variable to a chart (and using many instances of it)

The variables in the dashboard are "in the context" and will be (potentially) applied to each chart of the dashboard.

I would like to add multiple instance of a single chart to dashboard with different "default variable" values. (Drupal users are very confident with this logic).

Use case:
I have 4 groups of people and I would like to draw the sells of the last year. The desired result is to have 4 charts with the performance of the 4 groups.
So, I would like to create something like

SELECT month, SUM(sell) as total
FROM mytable
[[ WHERE group_id = {{group_id}} ]]
GROUP BY month
ORDER BY month

So, I will add 4 instances of the chart to the dashboard I would like to add the group_id for each of my 4 instances.

It's feasible?
If yes how can I do it?
If no, can I add the feature request?


Hi @marciuz
Sounds similar to this topic from the other day. Have a look at the issues and upvote them.
Dynamic dashboards - repeat charts