Passing dahsboard filter through URL

Hi, i am apparently new in coding,
My scenario is, I am using Metabase opensource version, and embedding it in my website using the Dashboard/ Question Public Link

I have a dashboard with filters named 'Organizer Unit/ Area'
and I created a click behavior on a card in the dashboard, to mimic interactive dashboard
Custom Destination > URL,

my URL looks like below:{{Date}}&organizerUnit={{Organizer%20Unit%2FArea}}

However when I clicked, Metabase seems to cannot pass the dashboard filters named 'Organizer Unit/ Area'

I already tried:

&organizerUnit={{Organizer Unit/ Area}}

but it seems cannot get it right, does Metabase have a specific syntax to be used here?
for added context, this is snippet of my Question using SQL

[[AND organizer_unit= {{organizerUnit}}]]

Hi There,

is the / mandatory in your filter name?

In order to remove any potential problems, I would simply get rid of it.

As a good practice I usually avoid using special symbols.

Let me know!

Apparently, the reason I use the name like that because of in the database, the column is named as Organizer Unit but now the client's management now called it as 'Area' so I thought of including both to avoid confusion among user later, it's a UX matter

However I tried eliminating the '/' characters, and using this:


So I learned that just need to replace 'space' with 'underscore'

I tried various characters these are the one that works,

Filter Name: Organizer Unit-Area

Filter Name: Organizer Unit (Area)

I guess I will stick with > &organizerUnit={{Organizer_Unit_(Area)}}

Thanks anyway!

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