Passing username or user email as parameter in query or ask question

Hi !

I’m new to metabase. I would like to install metabase to my company as BI platform. But I got a problem, can I pass user or username email as parameter to query or ask question GUI ? Please tell me how to do that. I solve a lot problem to me when building dashboard !

Thanks so much !

Hi @ktwiz312
It sounds like you’re looking for the same thing as this thread:

Hi flamber !

Thank for your feedback ! I read the article that you sent. It about data row security, so that user login just get your data in table (I will add field user_id in table).

But it could be in enterprise version right ? so I need buy license enterprise to use “data sandboxies” right ? So we have anyways to do this without this :frowning:

Thank you !

Yes, the enterprise edition has this feature - among a few other features. You’ll need a license.
You can get quite far with Embedding, but you have to code most of the logic yourself.