Passing variables to MetaBot for a Question


First of all, thank you all for making such a great tool freely available.

I have a question / suggestion.
Is is possible to pass a variable to MetaBot when asking a Question?

For example, it would be fantastic to ask something like this:
metabot show [question ID] {{variable_name}}

Something similar to how you can pass a variable value to a Dashboard through the URL.

“Metabase has the flexible ability to allow variables in native (SQL) queries. This lets you dynamically replace values in your queries … or through the query’s URL.”

Thank you for the great work you’re doing. Regards.


metabot show [question name]
metabot show [question ID]


Hi @JLacal
That’s currently not supported, but there’s a request for it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post