Peer review of nested subqueries?


My team is considering switching from another BI system.

One feature of theirs which we really like is their Git integration, which allows our team to manage changes to and history of charts and dashboards using pull requests via Github. We’d like to maintain a similar process on Metabase.

Is this possible in any way? eg, a way to review, comment on and approve / reject updates to the report_card table?

Thanks for what looks like a very high quality OS project. Sorry if this is a baked in feature, I’ve done a little research but I could easily have missed it!

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Hi @jordan_kiddom

It’s currently not part of Metabase and I cannot find an open issue on it either, so please open a feature request and link it here.

I’m not sure if it is within the scope of what Metabase is trying to reach, but it sounds like a cool feature. Note that the core team is pretty small, so they would probably need a PR.

FR posted here: