Percentage over a group by - window function sum over partition by

Hey there:)

I'm using Metabase open source version 0.45.1 on top of BQ.
I'm trying to create a percentage calculation for each group that I group by it.

I got this table and I'm trying to get for each redeem_type the percentage on each day.

I could easily solve this using SQL-
SELECT event_date, redeem_type,count(1) count, sum(count(1)) over (partition by event_date) sum_per_day , count(1) / sum(count(1)) over (partition by event_date) as share

But I got questions about that-

  1. Does window functions supported in the UI?
  2. Is it possible to create this calculation, not through the SQL editor?

Thanks a lot in advance:)

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Hi, unfortunately Metabase doesn't yet support window functions in GUI questions. I would suggest you check our Learn material, as we put a lot of content to overcome this current limitation Custom expressions in the notebook editor

Hey Luiggi,
Thanks for replying.

I've read this learning material but didn't find there the solution for my use case. The closest thing there is the share function but it required to input a condition. In my use case, I want the share from each group in the group by function.