Performance issues after upgrade with data model based Dashboards

Hi there,

need some advice:
recently we upgraded metabase to V 0.49.1 version and had straight away issues with performance for those dashboard, which were running questions based on data models.
After that, we upgraded to the latest V 0.49.2 hoping that this would solve those issues. But unfortunately those are still here.
Previously dashboards were loading instantly, currently it takes no less then 30 seconds for them to load.
Data models are refreshed and runs instantly while opening them. All the visualisations (except tables) runs instantly as well, when running them one by one. But while running tables (also based on data model), those are quite slow and takes ~15 seconds to load.

Has anyone else experienced those issues? What is the way to solve them out? Only downgrading to the version where we had everything working?

Thank you in advance.

Please post a video of what you’re seeing, server and browser logs and also the server telemetry

Solved that out.
Seems that one bug in calculation engine was finally solved and workarounds which I used is now were causing performance issues.
Which is totally strange, that "+0" in formulas might so badly affect performance of it...

Please specify what you had so we can fix that