Performance tuning / serverless

Hi There,

We have an instance hosted on Heroku. When it’s being used for complex queries, we need to up the Dyno formation to use the M setup instead of the 2X setup. This greatly improves the performance of the system, but comes at a cost. Is anyone hosting their instance somewhere that can auto-scale easily enough? At the moment I need to remember to scale-down the instance to avoid paying the full $250/month charge all the time.

I deployed it via the one-click button.


Hi @guybowden

I don’t use Heroku, but are you trying to have it automatically scale from standard-2x to performance-m, a.k.a. vertical scaling?

Wouldn’t you be able to run a script every night that forces it back to 2x ?

Or you could have a script running every 5 minutes that checks the current resources, and then automatically scales depending on the past X checks.
heroku ps:type worker=standard-2x to heroku ps:type worker=performance-m, or vice versa

I think that’s what is for - much more advanced scaling than just horizontal scaling, which is part of the Heroku interface.