Permission about column to filter

Hello there,
I'm using v0.46.3 right now. I need your assistance with the permissions for users whose access to the data is unrestricted but who are not permitted to alter native queries.
I created a few questions using native queries and added them to the dashboard. I provided other people with access to these questions and dashboards. They successfully accessed it.
However, when they wish to make dashboard themselves using the questions I gave, they are unable to add a filter to the dashboard. "You don't have permission to see this question's columns," reads the message.
So, please advise me on this. How can users build a dashboard using a question that isn't their own?
Thanks for your support.

Hi, I think you're facing a problem related to my Question filter on table visualization - #10 by CZvacko
I think in the past it was possible to filter without problems.