Permission denied for schema when syncing and scanning

Im seeing thousands of 'permission denied' errors every time Database syncing and Scanning for Filter Values are done. For some reason metabase user is trying to access schemas other than the ones listed in Permissions -> Data permissions -> View Schema and then fails because it doesnt have permissions to them. Why is this happening?
Thank you in advance for all the help!


Permissions -> Data permissions -> View Schema are there as user/group permissions. The user that is performing the sync/scan is the actual user you created on the database which is used for the connection between metabase and your database.

You will need to set appropriate permissions at the Database level

Thank a lot for your answer!
So does this mean that when syncing and scanning are done, this actual user is trying to access every single schema in the db? should i then grant permissions on all schemas?
If not, then where can i see which schemas is the user going to check?
According to the error from db logs, the schemas, that are listed in the Data Model in the Schemas of the database section, are not the only ones that Metadata user is trying to access
Thank you again!

What database are you using? In postgreSQL you can check what permissions it has:

PostgreSQL: Documentation: 15: 5.7. Privileges.

So it depends on what schema you want visible on metabase. If you want the user to have access (i.e. Select privilege) to all tables you will need to grant that option :slight_smile: