Permission issue for users with limited data access

Hi, hopefully this wasn't answered before, but I couldn't find a similar topic.

The issue we have is with Metabase accounts for which we've setup a limited access to database. Called "no self service" in admin settings. The issue appeared when we upgraded from version 0.39 to 0.41. In 0.39 this used to work.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login with user with limited data permissions
  2. Open dashboard which has a couple of questions and a few dashboards filters with default values setup
  3. Try clicking on one of the questions to get to the separate report. This will show the "you have no permission" page, instead of the normal question view with filters from dashboard applied.
    (if you clear the dashboard filters, then you can normally view the reports when clicking on them).

Is this a known issue and is it possible it's among the fixes for 0.42?

Hi @RobinE
That's not a new problem, it also existed on 0.39, but we're working on it:

OK, thanks. I'll keep track of these issues and test it out after they're fixed.

I'll try to see which version this was actually working on.