Permission Selection for Filters with SQL vs Questions


I have a Dashboard with a Filter "Group" with options like "A,B,C,D,E,F".
Basically I get results depending on which part of "Group" I select, questions build in SQL (not with the Question Tool)

All working so far as intended.

Now we have the Metabase Pro Version with Permission Restrictions and everything.
We created a Group ABC that can see "A,B,C" and a group DEF that can see "D,E,F".

Also this is working in a sense that a member of ABC can only select A, B or C for the Dropdown Filter of the Dashboard...

However, a member of group ABC can manually enter D in the tool, press enter and accept the filter and see results for D. This is definitively something we do not want to allow.

We noticed that this breach can only happen for SQL created questions and not the "Questions".

Am I missing how to actually use Permissions correctly or is the System flawed?

Thanks in Advance

PS: We are running 1.43.0

Hi @LilianJacobs
Please use the support email, when using Pro/Enterprise.
Metabase cannot do Sandboxing on SQL questions: