Pickup timestamp


Does anyone know what Pickup timestamp show?


Hey there, are you referring to a specific chart/dashboard within your Metabase?

Hello, Roberto and thanks for your follow up!

I am referring to Rollout Metrics. To be more specific, if I break out incoming chats or any other category by time, then zoom into tickets, I see all the tickets created the day I've chosen.

One of the columns is "pickup timestamp", among others, and I can't understand what is referring to.

For example, creation timestamp is the timestamp of the ticket's creation.
First assignment timestamp is the timestamp of the ticket's assignment to an agent.
First reply timestamp is the timestamp of an agent's first response.

But, I can't figure out what "Pickup timestamp" is referring to.

If I understood correctly, your column pickup timestamp arrives directly from your table Chat Ticket, so is it your question related to Metabase, or related to your data source?

That's right.

My question is: what exactly does the pickup timestamp correspond to in a chat?

It's a metric between the first assignment timestamp and first reply timestamp, but we are not able to understand what triggers that.