Pictures of real production live dashboards / setup?

Hey, for everyone who is using Metabase for their actual company and is not just a demo. I would love to see how you guys decided to go about categorizing your data. I can’t seem to find any real production dashboard examples, only dummy test ones.

I think many use Metabase for their internal company data, so you won’t find those, but there’s a few public ones, example: or

Hi @flamber
Great !
What is this feature ?

« Results only displayed for gene and … »

And also possibility to download the results ?

@nico8 Don’t understand, which feature? It’s a custom version of Metabase with some tweaks, so I guess that’s what you’re referring to.
As for downloads, that’s because it’s using Embedding

In my screenshot :

  • first card, it is possible to download results
  • when the correct filter are not selected, a message is displayed « Results only displayed… »

@nico8 Same answer as above.