Pie Chart - how to chart this data?

I have this table from MySQL:

| date         | new | returning |
| 20-Apr-2017  | 1   | 19     |
| 19-Apr-2017  | 3   | 15     |

How do I display new vs returning in a pie chart for 20-Apr-2017? I have been trying to figure this out for the longest time. Is this a multi-series chart that is yet to be supported by Metabase?

Any input is much appreciated, thanks!

Yeah, the way your table is constructed, this would have to be a multi-series chart. The way you could visualize it currently would be by creating a query that results in a single number for the new value you want and saving that as a question, then doing the same thing for the returning number you want as a separate question. Then put the first question on a dashboard, and then while in edit mode click the +add button on that card to add your second question. This will automatically create a two-metric bar chart (we don’t currently do this for pie charts).

The other way you could do this would be if your table instead had a column called something like new or returning, and then you could just do a count of rows broken out by that field, because then that would be a single metric.

Got it, thanks @maz.