Pin map not working with custom query

I have a table with 100k+ user locations. I want to display only a small portion of these locations on a pin map visualization to generate a “heat map” of sorts. Locations do not need to be accurate, just in the general area. So my thought was to round the Lat/Lon to 3 decimals, then format that result with 5 decimals (because the map doesn’t seem to recognize a lat/lon with less than 5 decimals. Here is my query:

select FORMAT(ROUND(Longitude, 3), 5) AS Lon, FORMAT(ROUND(Latitude, 3), 5) AS Lat from TimeEntryLocation where Longitude IS NOT NULL AND Longitude != 0.0000000000
group by Lat, Lon;

This produces a table of valid lat/lon values:
147.98000 -21.82400
147.98000- 21.82500
150.95700 -33.69400
150.91100 -33.74400
151.07900 -33.89400

But when I change the visualization type to ‘Map’ and select ‘Pin Map’ as the map type, it does not allow me to select the lat or lon fields.

FWIW, If I use just format(Lat, 5) OR round(Lat, 5), it works, but yields too many results.

@blasan having the same issue here. did you manage to get arount it?