Pinning Dashboards - Groups / Permissions

We are currently on v0.30.1 and I like the new folder structure, but want to be able to put dashboards, questions front, and center for specific users, groups on the homepage. It seems as though in order to get dashboards to show on the front page it has to be in the “our analytics” folder and if I add a dashboard that a group/users don’t have access to any of the questions within it, it will still show on the homepage. Not sure if this is expected so haven’t reported it as a bug.

It would be really great if the dashboards, questions pinned within groups folders automatically showed up on the home page based on permissions or if we had more granular control of stuff in the “our analytics” folder.

It would be a great feature!! Pin dashboards at user home page to show it when user login at metabase.

I totally agree! We also need this feature in my company!