Pivot not making sence - time as X-axis problem


I have a pivot table problem. I can not get the x-axis as my time axis, it automagically ends up in the y-axis instead and I can not find a way to control this. Also, when working with time series in general in pivot, I have not been able to make sure that time (ex: month) ends up sorted from left to right.

My problem described in a screenshot: http://jmp.sh/G18sWtT

Thanks in advance, any help would be most appreciated!


The shortest axis is automatically placed on the top. You can either lengthen one axis, r recompile to change how it works.

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Andrew, thank you for answering my first question here in this forum. Much appreciated. I am investigating different approaches using Metabase with my date and this one was a bit of a surprise to me. Thanks for clarifying.

I am setting up a query where the function was supposed to filter (dashboard filter) the rows to show up on the y-axis (3-15 rows depending on filter selection and user group) and then show 3-12 month of data on the x-axis.

With the above that can not be done.

Do you know why this is implemented like this, instead of following the order in the group by query?

I’m just a user, so no direct influence on the product.
I suppose that from the perspective of a piece of paper, it makes sense to have the longest axis on the side. Metabase is still a young product, so there’s a high likelihood that specifying the data for each axis will be along at some point. Someone else will probably be along shortly to direct you to a discussion elsewhere.

Andrew, “just a user” with 20 years of experience from BI :slight_smile: Thanks!