Pivot Table Order Changes

Hi! I set up my pivot table to appear like this, with studio name as the highest category:

But when it's in my dashboard, it reverses the order, with studio name being the subcategory:

Can I get it to stay the way I set it up in the visualization?

Hi @mvtemple
Could it be that you have some visualization settings differences on the dashboard? Trying going into "Visualization options" (by hovering the card in dashboard edit-mode) and click "Reset to defaults".
The visualization on the question should present similar on the dashboard, otherwise that would be bug.

@flamber thanks! I think it is a bug in that at first when you put it on the dashboard it changes the order, but when I hit reset to default, it fixed it! Thanks.

@mvtemple I have just tried and cannot reproduce. I think the problem might have been elsewhere.

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Ok! No worries, just glad to have it fixed. Thanks!