Please bring back auto rename the column

  • The type of database(s) I connected to Metabase: PostgresSQL, GBQ
  • The version of Metabase I am running: v0.35.2

Here is my query sample

with null_sample as (select '84904966347' as id, null as tax_id)
, not_null_sample as (select '84904966347' as id, '123' as tax_id)

select, n1.tax_id, n2.* 
from null_sample n1 
left join not_null_sample n2 on =

This query’s result in older version of Metabase will rename the n2.tax_id automaticaly to tax_id_2 as I remember but in this version its not. Additionaly, the result of column n2.tax_id become null even when it’s not.
Please check it out and bring back the auto-rename mechanism, its help alot.


Hi @vietbeo603
Sounds like you’re seeing this issue - there’s being worked on it right now: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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