Pls tell me when is all gif animated

i have this collection of gif animated, pls tell me recent for add into my document

Hi @mgtrfelipeurrego
Try explaining in more details what you want to do.

i want url for all gif animated like my google docs, can u help me with that info?

@mgtrfelipeurrego I don't understand what you mean.

if u see that google docs, have all gif animated, can u refer to me new onws for add into my doc?

@mgtrfelipeurrego send your question in spanish so we can translate that, this should be the best approach in this case

Mi solicitud muy cordial, es que me referencien las url de todos los gif animados, si observas en el google docs, he recopilado las caracteristicas de METABASE en gif animados, gracias

thanks for that, unfortunately we don't have the URL's of all the gifs we have in Metabase Learn, I suggest you go through the pages with the inspect functionality of the browser to check them