Pointers on how to connect Metabase to AWS Athena?

Has anyone been able to connect Metabase to AWS Athena?

Can it be done via JDBC or the Presto adapters?

If so, any pointers on how to do it?



Yes, I’m also really interested in Athena support.

Looks like its still at the Proposal stage in github:

As far as I can tell, this is still not available. Anyone know when AWS Athena support might be part of the release?

Anyone know if Metabase will be able to support AWS Athena as a data source? We could really use this right now.



It’s not part of a official Metabase yet. But it looks like some people got it running.

Here’s latest status: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/3960#issuecomment-406684317

Seeing above link is – still – popular, here’s a new link. AWS Athena support is now in a driver maintained in this separate repo:

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Has there been any developments here? I tried to setup a DB today but couldn't find Athena as a Database type. Do I need to go through Redshift? Any pointers on how to set this up would be highly appreciated :pray:

Thanks a lot!

@yth Metabase does not support Athena by default, but there is a third-party driver: