Pointing dns to version 0.27.1 fails


After upgrading, pointing dns to the server fails for me: the IP works but the DNS name doesn’t

Note: I just upgraded from version 0.26.2 to version 0.27.1, and I use the jar file to do the upgrade.

Any ideas?


Other than debugging your DNS nameserver to make sure it is resolving correctly, have you checked Admin Panel -> General tab to see if the “Site URL” has been set?

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Thanks for replying,

Usually I dont have to change the “Site URL” in the console (in prev versions) to get the domain name working, but I did tried that and didn’t work.

I had to roll back to the previous version to fix it.

I am wondering if it is a bug or anything changed with the new version.


I totally missed there was a new version out. So I went and downloaded it right now, and ran my usual upgrade steps and v27 is working for me.

Only thing I am doing differently than some could be I have SSL setup with the correct cert/name record.

As a general note having the “Site URL” set is kind of important because it gets sent with the password reset email for users. Having it set to localhost means the reset URL will be wrong and the average user might not be aware of the real URL.

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