[Poll] Would you like video tutorials?

Hi everyone! One thing I’ve been considering doing is recording some short YouTube tutorials for how to do things in Metabase.

Of the possible tutorial topics below, which 3 would you find most valuable, or would have been most valuable to you when you were first getting started with Metabase?

  • Seting up Metabase with Docker
  • Creating your first dashboard
  • Basic charting
  • Using the GUI query builder
  • Exploring charts with drill through and actions
  • Using SQL variables and Field Filters
  • Creating a table with conditional formatting
  • Creating and sending a Pulse
  • Setting data permissions
  • Organizing your questions and dashboards and setting Collection permissions
  • Setting up alerts
  • Using x-rays and comparisons
  • Sharing public links to charts or dashboards
  • Creating official metrics and segments

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