Ports to open for Metabase

I am configuring Metabase connected via an Application Load Balancer on AWS. Metabase is configured to run on ports 80/443. When I limit HTTP traffic to come only from the load balancer, Metabase stops responding and I get a gateway timeout.

When I enable all traffic from all ports metabase works correctly.

Are there some other inbound ports that need to be open to get Metabase working?

Hi @koskos
Are you using EBS or how are you running Metabase?
So did you configure Metabase with a SSL certificate, since you’re saying it’s also configured on 443?

@flamber Yes, we have an SSL certificate and it is running of an EC2 instances with EBS. But connecting to a separate database instances via RDS.

Do you see any activity in the Metabase log, when you limit the traffic to come from LB? If not, then it must be a firewall issue.
And it’s not something where the LB requires ICMP pings to see if the EC2 is up, otherwise it thinks the server is down?
There’s only one ingress port by default - that’s port 3000 (http). That can be reconfigured. And you can add https too, on a configurable port. There’s no other ingress ports.