Possibility of sponsoring redshift feature

Hi, we’re a company which is using heavily Metabase as our main internal BI dashboard tool. Recently we have started to use Redshift Spectrum and realise that some of the Metabase features are not available for Spectrum.
The main issue appears when using Custom Questions since there are not access to the Spectrum tables, I believe this problem is better described in this issue https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/7833
We are really interested in this Feature being incorporated in a new Metabase release, that’s the reason we are thinking about sponsoring this development.
Are some of the main contributors to this project open for sponsoring?

Hi @Joaquin
There’s work being done for getting Spectrum to work: https://github.com/gpodevijn/metabase-drivers
I don’t know what the state is currently.
The plan was to merge changes back into Metabase, once it had been tested properly - meaning no negative side-effects for the regular Redshift driver.