Possible to schedule to mail a dashboard and to schedule every last dat of the month?

Two questions:

  • is it possible to schedule a dashboard as a mail to one or more people, or is it only possible with a report?
  • Is it possible to schedule the mail of a dashboard (or report) every last day of the month, around 22.45?

AND HOW is it possible;-)

versie v0.38.1

Gebouwd op 2021-03-03

Hi @yacine66

Yes to both - for reference: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/users-guide/dashboard-subscriptions.html

Latest release is 0.39.1

Great thanks! I am a bit lazy:-), so next question..
Where can I find the pulses that I (or oner of my collegues) already made in Metabase? I would like to be able to see a list of all the pulses we made.

@yacine66 Go to the address: /search?type=pulse

So what has to be befote the /search?type=pulse ? I dont know...

@yacine66 Your Metabase URL - e.g. https://metabase.example.com/search?type=pulse

I cant reach that site > url..
I get this > Hmm. We kunnen die website niet vinden.

We kunnen geen verbinding maken met de server op metabase.example.com.

Als het adres juist is, kunt u drie andere dingen proberen:

Probeer het later opnieuw.
Controleer uw netwerkverbinding.
Als u verbinding hebt maar zich achter een firewall bevindt, controleer dan of Firefox toegang heeft tot het web.

@yacine66 What is the URL that you're using to access Metabase with? The address you input in your browser to view Metabase.


@yacine66 Then go to the address: