[Postgres 11.4] Can't Connect to Database

Earlier this week we updated all our Postgres databases to 11.4. Since then some clients such as Metabase, PopSQL or Sequel Pro can’t connect to them, but others like DataGrip can.

We’re on 0.32.5 Metabase.

I found this regarding some other app and 11.4 Postgres.

Is this a known issue with Metabase? I am going to ask our DevOps guy to update to the latest available version of Metabase once he has some time.


Hi @jpwagner
I’m running Postgres 11.4 with Metabase 0.32.10 (the latest release), but since you’re having issues with other clients too, then I think the problem is somewhere else.
You should ask DevOps to check the Postgres logs, when you’re getting errors from a failing client. Maybe it’s a certificate issue or a changed configuration…
What errors do you in Metabase > Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs?

We must have too many debug logs, the Logs page jumps/scrolls on its own and doesn’t seem to ever finish loading.

Would there be a specific string to search for in there?

I’ll see about what’s going on at the Postgres level too. Thanks for the help.

It sounds like you’re running multiple Metabase instances. The log-jumping should be fixed in 0.33, which is coming very soon (it’s a major GUI update, so you should do tests before updating).
Since it sounds like you don’t have access to the server, that was why I referenced the log in the GUI. If you have access to the server, then you can check the log there.
EDIT: I’m looking for the detailed error message when you cannot connect.