Postgres columns not recognized as Fields

I added a postgresql DB and everything seemed to work, but one of the tables (the most important one) is not being fully recognized by Metabase. The interesting thing is that I can see the data in the table just fine if I go to Dashboard > Our Data > [DB name] > [Schema name] > Sessions (Table name).

However, if I try to use the Question Builder that is shown above the table data, the table (in fact the schema) is NOT listed under the “Select a table” dropdown.

I already tried deleting the database and reconnected it. Same problem. What’s interesting is that the logs seem to confirm that Metabase has not correctly recognized this table:

09-17 20:24:47 WARN middleware.add-implicit-clauses :: Table 'sessions' has no Fields associated with it.
There are fields we (maybe) weren't expecting in the results: #{ ... all my fields ... } Expected: #{} Actual: #{ ... all my fields ... }

Any suggestions?