Postgres db to migrate to ELB

HI Team,

I am trying to run metabase in AWS elastic Beanstalk.
I have metabase running in my local from quite some time and i need to migrate DB from my old metabase to new EBS one.

I could not find any direction to migrate data from old metabase to EBS metabase.

The version of metabase in my local is 0.31.2 .

Please suggest

Hi @devD
What database are you migration from? And to what database?
Did you read the migration guide from H2 to Postgres/MySQL?

Yes, I did and used them before to migrate from H2 to postgres, but those metabase were from docker to docker.
whereas to run the metabase in EBS i have to execute everything in AWS UI, where i could not figure out how to import the postgres DB or to execute the below command
export MB_DB_TYPE=postgres
export MB_DB_DBNAME=metabase
export MB_DB_PORT=5432
export MB_DB_USER=
export MB_DB_PASS=
export MB_DB_HOST=localhost
java -jar metabase.jar load-from-h2 /path/to/metabase.db # do not include .mv.db or .h2.db suffix

Please suggest

I don’t use AWS, but isn’t EBS only for running docker? You need to have your database in RDS or your own EC2.
So you would export your local Postgres data and import it to RDS, and then configure EBS to use the RDS.

And I’m guessing you created the following issue:
Since it sounds like you migrated to Postgres successfully, can you please update what you did and close the issue.