Postgres schema not loading into Metabase on Heroku

I’m setting up the Heroku deployment, and connecting to a Heroku postgres follower database that is following my production database.

The schema for the first table is available, but for the remaining 8 tables it is not. Anyone else having these problems?

Hmmm, that’s strange. We’ve done quite a bit of testing on postgres databases and I haven’t heard of any issues listing the tables and associating them with the right schemas.

When you say that the schema for the first table is available but the other 8 is not, can you describe a bit more what you mean? Are you saying that the list of columns in the table are not showing up? If that’s the case then the best thing to do is check the application logs an see if you find any errors there which would explain where the problem is coming from.

Ok! this is going in the right direction. Looking at the logs, it has found all the tables correctly. It may just be a situation where the sync hadn’t completed. How long does it take for a database of only 4gb?

Also, Process running mem=528M(103.1%).

What are you guys doing under the hood that is so expensive?

It does take a little bit of time for the app to go through it’s schema introspection process, so if you added the database and then tried to access it right away sometimes the tables won’t be completely available.

Sounds like after waiting a little bit of time everything showed up okay though?

I’ll echo the issue here. I loaded a new Postgres table with about 900k rows into Heroku PG. I was able to use the Adminium Heroku Add-on and saw the table, able to view the data…lickety split. Unfortunately, even after hitting Sync in my Metabase config for that DB, it still was not showing up in Metabase as a valid table to view. It’s been a few hours and Metabase doesn’t see it, but other add-ons, DB tools etc see it just fine. I’ve found that if I kill the entire connection from Metabase and recreate it, it’ll find it. Unfortunately, for demos like a Data Lake, with an existing 20+ tables and dashboards dependent upon them, doing a kill and recreate is not always possible. Would love some dialogue to troubleshoot.