PostgreSQL - Filter time intervals with WHERE clause

Currently using this query where the "time_to_pack" column is calculated as an interval.
I would like to query this table with PostgreSQL to filter all rows that have a time interval of less than 5 minutes. Is this possible?

SELECT DATE_TRUNC('DAY',"public"."Shipments"."created_at") AS "date_shipped",
"public"."Shipments"."created_at" - LAG("public"."Shipments"."created_at") OVER (PARTITION BY "public"."Shipments"."user" ORDER BY "public"."Shipments"."created_at") AS "time_to_pack"
FROM "public"."Shipments"
ORDER BY "time_to_pack"

Hi @natti
You'll likely find better help in a Postgres specific forum or
Have you tried just adding WHERE "time_to_pack" < interval '5 minutes' ?