Potential Database Migration Concern: Do Graphs Fail to Display After Changing DB Location?

In scenarios where there's a need to migrate a database's location, I assume you would update the database's IP address in the settings screen. However, I'm wondering if such a change might lead to an issue where previously created graphs no longer display. Is this a potential problem? Has anyone experienced this?

if the new database is exactly the same, then there's no problem

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Thank you! Have you actually verified this? I recently conducted a test with MariaDB, but it didn't go well. When I specify the address field of the database information to the address after migration, various graphs created from this DB result in errors.

After re-evaluating, I have confirmed that there should be no problem in replacing the address as long as the type and schema of the database are completely the same.

I believe that the phenomenon I witnessed was temporary and due to indirect causes such as network issues.

Thank you for your comment. I have been a Metabase user for several years, but this was my first time asking a question in the community. I look forward to continuing our interactions!