Pre-existing dashboard/questions don't appear for newly created users

We have a series of dashboards and questions, created by an admin user sometime in the past.

  • Dashboard and questions created after new users are added are visible and working fine for all users;
  • Dashboards and questions created before new users were added are not visible to the new users;
  • Permissions seem to be correct for the databases as the users can build their own queries/questions/dashboards/collections and save them for others in the groups to see.

So the problem is previously created questions/collections/dashboards not appearing for newer users.
Is there a more elegant solution rather than re-creating the questions?

thank you

Ok. This resolved once I reaslied there were permissions to share the collections as well… my bad!
Solution: pay attention to the permissions for collections not just databases.

great product… sorry for the bad question. peace out homies!

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