Prerequisites for including a driver in Metabase

I am working at Exasol and we offer a very fast analytics database. We would like to create an Exasol driver for Metabase. There was already a feature request for this: #5509.

While we could create a separate project it would be more convenient for our users if we could ship the driver with Metabase as described in the documentation.

Our JDBC driver is available for download from our Maven repo: under the license added below.

My questions:

  • Is it possible to include the JDBC driver from our Maven repo in the build?
  • What are the prerequisites to include the Exasol driver as a plugin in the core Metabase repo?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

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Hi @kaklakariada

We're currently looking at adding a couple of drivers some time next year. Those are some of the most upvoted requests. For reference:

As for adding a driver in the releases, that's a process that is a lot more complicated, since we would be taking on the responsibility of compatibility, stability, optimizations and support in each release, so we would need to have tests and CI/CD running.

And unless the driver is AGPL permissive, then I don't think it would be possible to ship it in the OSS edition, but otherwise there's possibilities in the Enterprise Edition (e.g. it includes the Oracle dependency).

I would recommend that you reach out to our partner program:

Hi @flamber,

thank you for your reply! I guess we will start development as a separate plugin and decide about adding it to Metabase later.

Kind regards,

kaklakariada, VP Product at Metabase here. Please do fill out the form flamber linked to above. We can chat from there, and support you in the development of the driver.