Presto driver requires updating to work with trino(previously prestosql) release 351

Our prestoql v350 works with metabase 0.37.5. prestosql renamed to trino and the trino 351 release does not work with the metabase driver. The error from the docker logs:

Catalog must be specified when session catalog is not set

This is the same error received when using an older prestosql client with the new trino release.

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Hi @ccropper
The Presto driver is built-in, so you should open an issue instead:
But since this applies to previous versions of CLI, then I don’t think it’s a Metabase issue, but rather something that Trino needs to fix - you probably want to see what the reply is to your issue:
It’s not the first time there has been compatibility issues:

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The issue is always that you need the matching driver to the Presto/Trino version. We have seen this many times. The new drivers always seem to be backwards compatible, so the solution is to figure out how to keep the Metabase driver for Presto updated quickly as Prestosql/Trino releases every 2-4 weeks like clockwork. This leads back to a discussion of being able to make use of the JDBC driver rather than using the API. Then I could provide Metabase with the latest JDBC file every upgrade. But the JDBC requires some extra configurations that the Metabase UI doesn’t allow. So back to the API, we just need a consistent updating practice. And for Metabase to provide the updates in the changelog for the releases so we know when it is safe to upgrade Trino.

@ccropper But if you look in 13179, then you’ll see that it was a broken PrestoSQL/Trino version, which was fixed in later versions.

Metabase originally supported PrestoDB - if TrinoDB (formerly PrestoSQL) has diverted too much, then it’s time to consider making it into a distinct driver. You are welcome to open a request for that.

As for JDBC, which you have commented on, it’s something we would like do to, but we’re a fairly small development team - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:

There are many, many requests for other drivers:"Type%3ANew+Feature"+sort%3Areactions-%2B1-desc