Problem to add a user and share

Hi everyone, I have a huge problem !
my brother and I both have a metabase account but we are at a distance and we want to share our dashboards. we have configured our emails but when he invites me to join him, the following problem appears: “This site is inaccessible… localhost does not allow the connection.”
we are connected to the same database. public sharing is enabled and we are all admin. Also, we have the same mail adress to connect to metabase.
would anyone have any idea of the problem ?? Maybe the URL of the site ?

Hi @RVives
I think you might have misunderstood the setup. There’s no “Metabase account”, since it’s not a service, but a software you run.
It sounds like you’re each running your own Metabase instance - is that correct? How are you running Metabase - JAR-file, Docker, Mac App, …?
You would need to run a single instance, so both you and your brother login to that, which would allow you to share things.
You cannot share localhost, since that’s the name of the internal IP address of a computer.

I think the Site URL of the metabase instance from where invite sent by one of you is set to localhost, change it to public ip or anything that can be accessed from outside. Then it will start working

Goto Admin=> General tab ==> Set Site URL

Hi @flamber
Yes we each use our own instance, I run it with the jar file and he has the mac application. But how can we share a single instance knowing that we are far from each other ? I can’t connect with these credentials, it doesn’t work…
Thanks for the help

You would install Metabase on a machine (server) that you both can access, where you would create two credentials.
How are you connecting to the same database, if you’re not sharing that either?