Problem with endpoint api/dataset/json

Hi all,

I am currently working with the API.
I have successfully retrieved data with the api/dataset endpoint. However, since there is a comment on some forum, that there is a limit of 2000 entries for that endpoint, I tried to use the api/dataset/json endpoint.
The exact same request payload that is successful for the api/dataset results in a 400 ERROR claiming the passed json payload is invalid for the api/dataset/json endpoint.

Any hints on why that is? In addition, I saw that there are now passed the following constraints by the browser when doing an interactive sql queries

"constraints": {
"max-results": 10000,
"max-results-bare-rows": 2000

Are these values limited?

Thanks for any hints,


Hi @grafitemis
Different endpoints does not always use the same payload.
The best way to learn the API, is to just use Metabase while having your browser developer Network-tab open and looking at the request, and what data is being send/received.
Have a look here or one of the many referenced topics API POST /api/card/:card-id/query/:export-format with parameters