Problem with mysql Heatwave

I am using mysql heatwave that makes mysql faster, but it need autocommit to be true

Based on the comment in the source code metabase/execute.clj at master · metabase/metabase · GitHub it seems that the autocommit setting is there because of PostgreSQL I was not able t find any issue related to fetchSize with MysQL JDBC driver.

Heatwave cannot work with autocommit=false based on their documentation

i am trying to make a new driver, someone know how to do with mysql?

i´v find examples of other dbs but as mysql is core of metabase didnt find any

Hi @lucaswerner
Have a look at my comment:
You would have to create a driver which has a custom connection-with-timezone, where you don't do the autocommit. Have a look at Redshift, which is mostly derived from Postgres, or some of the other drivers.