Problems configuring LDAP (AD) authorisation


Using Metabase 0.49.1.

Attempting to configure the LDAP authorisation settings to work with our Windows domain Active Directory.

I have input all the settings I believe to be correct, which saves successfully, but then when I enable

**USER PROVISIONING** When a user logs in via LDAP, create a Metabase account for them automatically if they don't have one.

Metabase responds with:
Unknown setting: :ldap-user-provisioning-enabled?

How can I fix please?

is LDAP enabled on Metabase?

If you mean, is it active, then yeah:

I have the exact same issue.. even though ldap is Active.

"Unknown setting: :ldap-user-provisioning-enabled?"

Same here, also seeing "Unknown setting: :ldap-user-provisioning-enabled?" with v0.49.1. I'm using LDAP via Okta.

Thanks for the reports.

We identified the issue and we are working to fix.

this is fixed now LDAP no longer works on OSS · Issue #40704 · metabase/metabase · GitHub