Problems embedding dashboard with python


We’ve created a dashboard that has a parameter “service_user”. When service_user is null the dashboard can’t be loaded. In the browser we get the error message

XML Parsing Error: syntax error Location:*******************************************************.ZuR4PI3MtCB2lsNT5BZ2SZwMiASaqXECYgBPPAGTGb8/dashcard/4/card/2 Line Number 1, Column 1:

The embed code generated by metabase looks like this:

payload = {
“resource”: {“dashboard”: 3},
“params”: {
“service_user”: null

The value null is not correct , it will result in an error if its used, it should be None which is what I changed it to. That results in the above error. We need to be able to see the dashboards with and without filters applied. Is this a known issue? has any one else had the same problem? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance