Problems setting up email as admin

Hi Guys,
this one is doing my head in…

setup metabase, linked to my database… all good…

trying to setup the email and weird stuff happens…

  1. its unclear if I can use localhost to deliver mail
  2. even if I setup for gmail - it refuses to let me save, but doesn’t tell me why…

Any suggestions? Documentation doesn’t seem to have anything



yes, however following this for gmail still results in metabase refusing to save

Gmail is not supported if you are not using a GoogleApps account, see:

Here’s info on using localhost for email:

Sorry, yes I am running google apps, not actually gmail (though it really should make no difference)

weird, I was filling in the form to send as a snapshot… I filled it normally then decided to hide my emails… when I did that the save button became live, and when I set them back to correct values it stayed live…

is there some background processes validating a connection or something? if it is the user experience would be improved by a wait cursor or anything

Come to think of it I have experienced from time to time that a bit “wiggling” — by moving between fields already filled in — sometimes is needed in admin menus before the save button becomes active. A glitch I haven’t bothered to report, as it’s not affecting daily use… guess first thing would be for someone to spend time on narrowing it to a few reproducible steps to be able to file a useful GitHub issue.

Great that you finally got email working though! :slight_smile:

I’d love to raise a github issue… if only I could work out how to reproduce :)… the devs are pretty harsh on anything they feel is not an issue


Can’t really blame them. :sweat: With as of today > 1400 issues open it’s a matter of where they should spend their time to build the best product for the majority of users.

Guess that’s just the harsh reality of building a open source product with a small team doing the bulk of the work. I’m actually amazed to see how quickly it has evolved over the last year or so!


been having the exact same issue. thanks everyone for sharing your ideas. baradhili, have you found a solution so far? thanks!

See this post above “wiggle” the contents of the fields a bit (and make sure to also manually fill in the one’s that has a useful default):

The “wiggle” is how to work around it…

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Hi @baradhili, i think that i had the same problem.

You must to activate the 2FA to your google account, and later create an App Password:

When i done this config, my email configuration works!

Or with this other: