Problems with oversubmitting queries

Hey guys

I'm facing problems related to the crash of my SQL database, due to sending several queries through the metabase.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

what ends up happening is that when building the dashboard, the user creates the most diverse queries, and many times they are not correctly related, causing the same to keep running and never finish its execution.

When I use the showprocesslist command I can identify the process and kill it using the kill command.

Is there any way to improve this?

I'm running the database in a db.t3.micro RDS container

I thought of using the max_statement_time or max_execution_time parameter, but it would involve changing the parameter groups of the RDS instance.

Change the following env var Environment variables

Hello !

Im running metabase inside docker, but havent made the environment thing on launch...

Is there a way can i set up it now ?

yes, Docker allows you to pass env vars to the containers, check the docker documnetation