I want to use metabase in production environment, there will be about 50 people query. But I found that except for the java -jar method, some parameters cannot be modified. Can we give a document to modify the parameters here? I didn’t find the corresponding documentation on the official website. I directly used java -jar to run our default program. If multiple people access it at the same time, it feels a bit stuck.
Looking forward to our answer, thank you very much

Hi @yang735136055
Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Some of the variables you need might not be available before version 0.35.0
When Metabase feels stuck/unresponsive, then please post the last few lines from the log. Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

Hello, can we give a specific parameter? Fifty people use queries, and they will connect to multiple libraries such as spark-sql, mysql, pgsql, etc. The data volume is relatively large. For example: The number of jetty connections needs to be adjusted to 500, and 2 or more instances are required. How much memory is required? Can we officially give a suggestion?


We’re working on documentation for configurations of large setups:

You can change the Jetty max threads with this environment variable: MB_JETTY_MAXTHREADS

Depending on how many concurrent users you have (that’s not the same as amount of users), then you might have to use two instances in horizontal scaling.

And depending on what people are doing in Metabase, the amount of RAM needed can be very different.
Check your server stats.

Version 0.35.0 should make it much easier to run larger setups on the same hardware.

thank you